Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Swimsuit Model Ordered to Keep "Sexy Little Things" in the Drawer

A Sports Illustrated swimsuit model was blocked from launching her own line of panties emblazoned as "sexy little things" when a judge ruled that Victoria's Secret could sue her for trademark infringement. U.S. District Judge Harold Baer said Tuesday that Victoria's Secret appeared to acquire priority in the trademark use of "SEXY LITTLE THINGS" because it had used the label on lingerie sold online and through its retail stores and catalogues since July 28, 2004.

The judge refused a request by fashion model and actress Audrey Quock to declare that Victoria's Secret had no right to stop her from launching a line of women's underwear called "SEXY LITTLE THINGS."

The case is significant in that it provides this new blog with an opportunity to repeatedly use terms like "SEXY LITTLE THINGS", "VICTORIA'S SECRET" and "SWIMSUIT MODEL".


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